Welcome To Thom’s Elephant Camp


The first elephant camp in Pai where guests interact with elephants in an ecologically responsible manner.

Interact responsibly with our wonderful elephants.

Welcome To Thom’s Elephant Camp


The first elephant camp in Pai where guests interact with elephants in an ecologically responsible manner.

Thom's Elephant Camp is the Oldest Elephant Camp in Pai and the first camp that wants to let you interact with these beautiful, sensitive animals in an ecologically responsible fashion.

Thom grew up with her elephants, played with them as a child, and knows how much fun it is to spend time with these wonderful animals. Now she wants you to be able to play with them too!

Welcome to Thom's Elephant Camp
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Thom's Elephant Camp is dedicated to elephant welfare

Thom’s elephants live in the mountains of Pai. Every day, they are taken to the river to bathe and brought to the pens for feeding and for the enjoyment of the tourists.
They are large animals that need plenty of space, food and water.
Pai is the perfect environment for them with a bursting river, surplus elephant food and plenty of shade in the mountains. It is the ideal place for an elephant camp.

The Mahout. The elephant’s trainer, keeper and best friend.

Each elephant needs a Mahout (Trainer) who has formed a close bond with the animal through daily contact.
The Mahout communicates with the elephant through vocal commands which may sometimes be reinforced with prompts.
These Mahout assist with the elephant care and wellbeing. Without their help and without your donations, this would not be possible.

Thom's Elephant Camp is recommended in many guidebooks

Thom’s Elephant camp has won many awards from Tripadvisor.
Thom's is also government certified and exceeds the standards required for non-performing elephants.
In response to widespread criticism Thom’s was the first (and only) camp in Pai to remove the chains from the elephants. The happy animals are now held in large pens, when they are not accompanying you on treks into the countryside.
The camp has excellent accommodation facilities, with bungalows, rooms, a camping area and hot tubs with natural hot spring water.

We no longer offer elephant trekking in the traditional touristic sense

Instead, in response to criticism of working animals, we want you to interact with these majestic animals on a hike into the mountains and/or down to the river, where you can play with them in the water. We also offer Mahout (elephant handler) training, bamboo rafting, sightseeing tours, hill tribe visits, and flexible combinations of these activities.

Some of our Family's Awards

Certificate of Excellence
— 2012—2016 WINNER —
ผู้ชนะประจำปี 2012—16

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Lonely Planet Award
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Governtment Award

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